Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is compounding?
  • What is sterile compounding?
  • what is non sterile compounding?
  • what is a compounding pharmacy?
  • what is anticipatory compounding?
  • what is a compound cream?
  • are compounded drugs approved by the FDA?
  • what is a pain cream?
  • what is a transdermal cream?
  • what is the best arthritis cream?
  • does insurance cover compounded prescriptions?
  • benefits of compounded medications
  • How do I get a discontinued medication?
  • I can't swallow pills. Is there another way for me to take my medication?
  • My medication tastes bad. Can I get a different flavor?
  • I'm allergic to inactive ingredients in my medication. What do I do?
  • How does compounding benefit me?
  • Can my kids, or my elderly parent, take compounded medications?